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HAL: I’m afraid I can’t do that, Jewish Dave. (My Terminator: Salvation Response)

July 1, 2009
HAL 9000

I'm afraid I can't do that Jewish Dave

Having never met Jewish Dave before, I must say that he probably is one of the most fantastic person(s) that I’ve never met before.  I absolutely adore his writing.  Ever since his first post, I immediately said “Wow, this guy is amazing!”   Ask Knoxximus if you don’t believe me.  However this time, I must say I cannot completely agree with his thoughts.  I figure I should reply to his post in the form of a “counter-post” rather than a comment.  This is due in part that he replied to my original comment, and then turned that reply into a post.  So rather than skipping middle ground, I figure I can sum up my thoughts here.  Additionally, I can have a larger work area to fully contain my thoughts.

Dave, I still love you. Read more…


Why Is This So Damn Catchy!?!

June 30, 2009


The Superman of Hooks

*deep breath*


I’ll be frank, I was never a Soulja Boy fan.  I respect the dude’s hustle, his affinity for videogames, and I’m sure he would be a blast to kick it with (no homo), but I always felt that his music never had much substance to it…nothing to sink your teeth into.  But, after his performance on the BET music awards, I finally get it.  Substance has it’s place, but sometimes you just wanna yell some shit out at the top of your lungs, and Soulja Boy’s music fits that bill quite nicely. Read more…

Thanks McG for Ruining My Adolescence (aka Why I Hated Terminator: Salvation)

June 29, 2009
Hmm... Cool poster... Maybe McG wasn't such a bad choice...

Hmm... Cool poster... Maybe McG wasn't such a bad choice...

Last night, I couldn’t sleep.  It probably had something to do with the nightmares I’m still having, weeks later, after seeing “Terminator: Salvation.” Remember the scene in T2 when Linda Hamilton is holding on to the fence and D-Day blows her skeleton apart? That’s what it feels like thinking back to how bad “Terminator: Salvation” was. The following was originally written last night as a reply to Knoxximus’ post on “Transformers: Revenge of the other bad guy robot who is barely in the movie.” At his request, I’m expanding it a little and posting it here.  WARNING: There are SPOILERS… Not that anyone should care…

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Everyone is dying.

June 28, 2009

RIPDang what a crazy week of news it’s been in terms of celebrity deaths.  I’m not sure if it’s some sort of terrorist attack or what, but it is indeed crazy.

Let’s Recap: Read more…

Quickie: How-To-Reply

June 26, 2009

Just a little quickie for visitors of this site: You guys do know that you CAN reply to other peoples comments without typing “@ (Username)” right?  Well wrong, because most of you don’t seem to be doing that.

Just click the REPLY link that’s above their avatar.  It makes it so that the comments become threaded and easier to navigate and look more like a conversation.

Try it.

Here’s a picture: reply button

Go do it.

Thanks Michael Bay for Ruining My Childhood

June 24, 2009
Now THIS is a MOVIE!!

Now THIS is a MOVIE!!


I watched the 1st movie…the REAL movie…back in ’84.  I laughed.  I cried.  My jaw dropped when Spike said, “SHIT!”.  Now THAT was a good Transformers movie.  This Michael Bay shit is a mockery to all that is good about the Transformers.  Never mind that Bumblebee is a freaking Camaro when newer models of VW Beetles are readily available…I understand this is America, and I’m sure Chevy ponied up for the publicity, but gawddammit, you just can’t put canon up for sale like that!  Never mind that Devastator is like 7 robots instead of 5.  Never mind that Jazz, the “brother” of the Autobots, gets smoked at the end of the film…it’s Hollywood tradition, I get that.  But this shit right here?…I just don’t get it.  Care to take a guess as to what this could be? Read more…

Garou: Mark of The Wolves — Why it’s Awesome.

June 24, 2009

garouSNK has long been in Capcom’s shadow.  The casual fighters seem to just sneer at an SNK developed game.  However, to the “hardcore” SNK usually equals FIGHTING GAME GOLD! If you ask my friend Jerry (who works at Game Crazy Nellis), I’ve been saying for the longest time “Garou needs to come on XBLA.  Seriously.”  Because honestly, it has got to be the most awesome 2D fighter that barely anyone has played.  However, I’ve never had the privilege of playing the Dreamcast version, so the XBLA version will be a little new for me.  But let me just share with you what I know from the arcade version that I know so well. Read more…