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Capcom, This is NOT How to Demo Monster Hunter

March 9, 2010

I'm sure it's going to be great!...but...

I am a Monster Hunter fanatic.  I am the guy who preordered Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and hounded the staff of the local Game Crazy until it actually showed up.  I am the guy who stumbled upon Sony’s Ad Hoc Party for PS3 when it was still ALL in Japanese…and then I watched numerous YouTube tutorials and lurked in various forums to figure out how to get it and then how to use it juuuuuuuuuust good enough to get my Monster Huntin’ on.  So, when I tell you I was stalking my local Gamestop (Game Crazy’s are all but shut down here in Vegas), feverishly waiting to get my demo for Tri, I am NOT exaggerating.  When it finally arrived, I ran home, popped it in and was greeted by one of the biggest letdowns in all of my videogaming life.  

Notice anything missing? Oh yeah...OTHER HUNTERS!

First of all, maybe I should have read the fine print, but I truly thought this was an online demo…after all, you ain’t Monster Huntin’ unless you can shoot, move, and COMMUNICATE.  Imagine my dismay to discover that this is an offline, 1 player demo…talk about sucking the soul out of a game.  If that wasn’t bad enough, NONE of the things that get and keep you hooked are even present.  There is no main town hub, no shops, no kitchen, NO KITTEHS!

Capcom, if you truly want to hook the west on Monster Huntin’, this is NOT the way to do it.  Luckily I know full well how wonderful huntin’ monsters can be…I have spent many a late night on Ad Hoc party with like minded and helpful hunters, doing “just one more quest” so hopefully I can get the carve I need to make the sword I need to finally have a decent shot of taking out that one monster that is weak to the elemental that said sword is made of.  Oh, what’s this?!?  I managed to also get a carve that will allow me to finish out that sweet new armor I’ve been eyeing?  AWESOME!  Here’s something I would typically say to my fellow hunters in a situation such as this:

“Wait fellas!…I’m gonna get what I need from storage, make this new armor as well as this new sword, then get my kittehs to cook me up something nice and I will be right back to the hall to go.”…yeah, that’s me actually talking to my fellow hunters, because the PSP version, when run through Ad Hoc party, supports bluetooth headsets!

Can you hear me now, David Beckham? Good, 'cause it's MONSTER SEASON!

NONE of ANYTHING I have described is in the Wii Tri demo.  Instead, you can pick from 2 quests (easy or hard), and then you pick from pre-outfitted hunters, optimally equipped with their weapons of choice and armor to match to go get those monsters.  Now, this is cool for someone like me who knows what to expect from the final product and has always wondered how certain weapons that I’ve always passed on play, or to try out the new weapons, but for the uninitiated, this makes for one hell of a boring hack n’ slash.  I mean, these guys probably don’t even know to carve the animals once they are dead, and if they do, don’t even know what the hell they are even carving them FOR.  How counterintuitive is THAT?

Then, to add insult to injury, the instructions that are included with the demo seem to make you think that you can only use the Wiimote/Nunchuck combo, and makes no mention of Classic Controller controls.  Who’s blunder was THIS?  No Monster Hunter worth their salt (or their Deluxe BBQ Spit) will use anything BUT a Classic Controller for this game…preferably the Classic Controller Pro.  A HUGE oversight on Capcom’s part.

THIS is how you want to do it! Aw YEAH!

Bottom line, Capcom, you have once again dropped the ball in trying to captivate the NA audience.  I give you an “A” for effort, a “T” for nice try, but overall a “D” for DESTROYING THE VERY ESSENCE OF WHAT MAKES THIS GAME SO AWESOME…the teamwork and camaraderie of online play.  So, all you Monster Hunter newbs out there, PLEASE understand that this demo is a FAR CRY from properly representing the total awesomeness that is Monster Hunter Tri.  Please TRUST ME ON THIS!

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