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Talking Classics with Keith Apicary. UPDATE: I spelled Sacha wrong. Punch my face.

July 19, 2009
Keith Apicary


If you’ve been scouring the web, then you’ve probably seen this bit of genius work.  No, this isn’t a sad attempt of some YouTube celebrity trying to be famous (like me!).  This person pictured on the left (if you couldn’t already tell) is Keith Apicary, a retro video game fan.  Keith has all kinds of amazing game systems, and he sure does love to show them off.  Keith’s best friend is Arthur Fielding who got him a job at video game store “Games Extreme” (“you’re welcome.”)  Keith Apicary is the recent brainchild of funny-man Nathan Barnatt.  Much like Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, Bruno, Ali G),  Nathan Barnatt also boasts a number of successful characters such as Action Sequence Pro Gawl Senglelis, and  Trale Lewous, who makes commercials for companies that don’t ask him to. However, unlike Mr. Cohen, Nathan doesn’t infiltrate your mind with gratuitous amounts of dick jokes, and dick imagery (i.e. Bruno.)  In fact, he serves you a dish of well written comedy, with a side of extra wit.  Oh, and did I mention Arthur Fielding,  is played by none other than Full House’s Whit Hertford (you know, Walter!)

I never heard about this guy, until I got an e-mail from him 4 days ago, (thanks Nathan!) and holy crap, he kicks so much ass.  I don’t know how he stumbled upon our humble little blog, but I must say, that my face hurts from laughing so much.  So it is my duty to share this with the rest of you.  Even though, a  much larger gaming outlet, called ummm…ScrewAttack? (is there a sarcasm font?) Is already hosting his Talking Classics show.  Just what is “Talking Classics?” you say?  Well, it’s a documentary about Keith and his obsession for classic video games, hence the title.  He gives you all the info you need on the old systems we loved so much, and it’s a riot!  Keith Apicary is like a third person embodiment of the whole gaming community (myself included.)  What’s amazing is all of the arcade cabinets, games, and old handheld systems are actually his.  So, if you are a NES generation kid, then this is something you definitely need to watch.  XBOX/PS2-Era kiddies need not apply.  In fact, just go punch yourself in the face, and wish you were born earlier.

Check out Talking Classics.

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  1. Mary Lobitz permalink
    July 19, 2009 1:57 pm

    Nathan is hilarious. I see the next Jim Carrey in his physical comedy.

  2. July 19, 2009 7:47 pm

    Mr. Barnatt is the funniest person I’ve found on the web. I’ve watched every video of him I could find (from his 2 different youtube channels, his brother’s channel, & funny or die). I’ve thought of him plenty of times as a clean Sacha Baron Cohen type of comedian.
    By far my favorite video he’s done is The Survey, I watched it twice in one day & I NEVER watch anything twice unless it’s been a few months. Check it out

    • July 20, 2009 2:38 pm

      Oh yeah that Survey is pretty damn funny. He knows all the vowels. hahaha

      But yeah It’s cool that I wasn’t the only one thinking of the Sacha Baron Cohen. However, Dick jokes get real tired, and it’s nice to see someone with the same great talent doing something that is different and unique.

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