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Damnit Peter, Now you’re just showing off!

June 22, 2009
Megaman 2.5D

Yeah, that's right. CO-OP!

Remember that old post about MegaMan 2.5?  Well if you don’t go read it. For those that love us, Peter is back!  Yeah that’s right, he e-mailed me a few weeks back to let me know that there was an update to his project that’s changing the way we look at MegaMan.  Holy CRAP is it an UPDATE!  The new trailer shows some of the levels, and gives a broader scope of what he’s trying to create.  As opposed to the single player demo video that he previously released.  Oh my, I think I just wet myself a little.

Midway through the trailer though, he surprises us.  I immediately shat brix.  BRIX! Because of this: Co-Op.  Players will get to control MegaMan (or RockMan), and his brother ProtoMan (Blues for your purists).  No, this isn’t simply “throw two characters on the screen at once, and let them shoot things.”  Far beyond my friend.  Instead players will have to work together to get through the different screens.  In one instance, it shows them having to time their shots correctly in order to hit the switches at the same time.  As well as splitting the pair up to navigate through different parts of the screen also.  Check it out.   Also, take a gander at his website.  There isn’t much there, but it does have some pretty 720p screens of the landscapes that you have to traverse in the game.  Go ahead, make one your wallpaper.

Video after the jump.

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