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Hey, it’s been a while. New video.

May 2, 2009

will-vs-ruinSorry for the lack of updates.  I do however want to give Sean some props for posting.  It’s finals week, so things have been getting pretty hectic.  Also, I don’t know what this latest trend of myself not reporting video game news is all about.  I guess maybe because I feel that you can just type in 1up or GameSpot and get whatever you need.  I dunno, anyway, I’ve been posting mostly video related topics.  I think really what I’m trying to do personally is bring you all something original, rather than something that’s recycled and can easily be found on a major syndicate site.  Last week, TheFour11 (well most of them) attended the local Street Fighter IV tournament at the Nellis Game Crazy.  It was a blast.  As usual, the two top competitors Ruin, and WES decided to show up as well.  I recorded most of the proceedings, and created a short 3-minute video for you all to enjoy.  So I hope you guys like it.  Leave some feedback on the YouTube.

Final Note:  I’ll try to provide some gaming related news.  Or, if you all like the new direction that I’m trying to take, please leave some feedback as well.  We have e-mail and a comments section for every post!  Nifty eh?

Hit the jump for the video!

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