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We’re alive!

April 11, 2009

dsc00376Everybody, I’m so sorry.  I haven’t been able to update as of the past week seeing as I was given a gun, and a uniform.  Seriously though, I was away on duty, and busy with some training so I apologize for the lack of updates.   The podcast will not be published, however, we will record a new one!  So please stay tuned for that.   I have no idea why I am the only one posting on this thing as of the past few weeks.  Where the other guys are, I have no idea.


David Banner, you a**hole!

On a random note, I finally beat RE5 last week with my great friend 1ofthebees!  As well as earning ourselves inifite ammo on the Lightning Hawk!  Which is great, since Big Man Majini likes to punch your face off, he now goes down with 2 shots! Great game.

So I just wanted to post this to show that no, we are not dead….yet.  At least I’m still around.

That’s cool right? …Right?……guys?!  Hello?!

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