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I Got Next! A documentary on Street Fighter, and the fighting game scene. Plus, other site news.

April 2, 2009

igotnextlogostraight1What started out originally as a senior project for Graphic Design, turned out to be something bigger.  Ian Cofino a student at Purchase College, School of Art and Design, thought he was just going to create a short film.  However, it’s quickly becoming a full blown feature.  The release for the film is in May 2009.  It will be a short cut of the documentary, a longer cut will be released in winter of 2009 for free.  While there isn’t much information, there is a trailer that has been posted on the Internet by Cofino himself.  Fight fans are in for a special treat, as the documentary covers match ups between great SF fighters such as Los Angeles’ Ryan Gutierrez aka “Gootecks”, New York City’s Justin Wong, and Long Island, NY’s Joe Ciaremelli aka “ILOVEU.”  Most of the footage seems to be from Sinsation.

This little documentary was brought up to me by the likes of our own Knoxximus, and I think it’s super bad ass.  I give much props to Ian Cofino as well, being a film student myself, I get really pumped whenever I watch student projects.  Just from the trailer you can tell this guy is putting all of his heart into this piece.  The sad thing is, Cofino is paying for all of this out of his own pocket.  He has a donation page on the I Got Next website, so please, please, please donate to him.  He’s one talented mofo, and he’s got a lot of drive and ambition.

So go check it out!  The official website offers HD as well as iPhone formats.

I GOT NEXT Official Site

Donate to Ian

Other News:

Where’s the podcast?!

I’m not feeling so sure about releasing this podcast we recorded last week.  The audio is real jacked up.  Well, actually, just my track is real messed up.  I recorded it on Garage Band, and for some reason everyone’s audio sounds great, but then my audio sounds real sped up.  So I sound like a chipmunk.  Does anybody on the Internet know why?  Leave me a comment.  We used 4 USB mics simultaneously.  This hasn’t happened before.  Ah well, I dunno what I’m going to do yet.

TheFour11 does video!?

Also, 1ofthebees and myself are planning some video content for this site, we don’t have much details yet, but I’m sure it’ll be pretty funny.  So keep checking us out.  Most of all, DONATE TO IAN!

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  1. August 8, 2010 5:50 pm

    Great job on this site. I like comming here to read your articles. Keep up the good work!


  1. I Got Next, Small Update. «–Click Contact Us, and shoot us an email. Subscribe!

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